Lip & Tongue Tie Release

lip and tongue tieIf your baby is having difficulty breast-feeding, it may be caused by a tongue tie or lip tie.  Dr. King performs this procedure with a LASER in the office.  The laser treatment offers the benefits of a quick procedure with little or no discomfort.  Because bleeding is minimal, stitches are not needed and your baby will be able to breastfeed immediately.

As your child ages, tongue or lip ties can also cause speech and dental issues.  

If your child is coming in for a frenectomy appointment, please do not feed your child immediately before the appointment, we want him/her to be hungry for after the revision if needed. 


After your child has had his/her procedure done it is imperative that the after stretches are done to maximize the benefit of the release.  You will need to do the stretches 5-6 times a day until we see your child for the post-op appointment. After that, Dr. King will tell you how long you need to continue the stretches (up to 6 weeks total).  Dr. King will demonstrate how to preform these exercises to you in the office, after the revision. By doing the stretches properly, you will prevent any negative reattachment. Some babies often need other follow up appointments with Lactation, Occupational Therapists and/or Oral Motor Therapy to maximize the benefits of the revision.